Day 26: Sunny with a Chance of Fire

I set out from another empty campground, down another gravel road. The air is so dry it stings my nose. The forecast calls for more gusty winds today and there is a fire warning due to the combination of heat, low humidity and wind.

I stop to take selfies with a straw bale. The dry weeds crackle underfoot. One of the customers from yesterday’s saw/bike shop rolls up in a pickup with two friends. “We were just driving by and I said ‘Hey, I know that guy!’“

At one o’clock, a perfectly placed rest area appears with a shaded picnic table, flush toilets, and running water. Perfect lunch spot.

I cross an invisible line somewhere between Dickinson and Bismarck and find myself in the Central time zone.

I roll into Bismarck and meet up with Sushil Reddy and Luis Fourzan for dinner. They are doing an even longer tour, heading in the other direction. We’ve been planning this meet-up since I left Vancouver. Sushil is riding an ebike with 100 W of solar panels and they are doing sustainable mobility outreach along the way. You can follow them here.

Good luck, guys. Dinner in San Diego is on me!

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