Where’s all the good content at?

I started this site as a sort of repository for links to information about this project with the idea that I would have a place to occasionally post things that didn’t fit elsewhere. The FAQ is freshly updated but most of the content I’ve been creating is where the eyeballs are: deep technical dives on the design and build process are on the Endless Sphere forum, some photos are on Instagram (@solarEbike) and there’s a YouTube channel with a couple of videos. Here’s one that has gotten a good response.

Video Introduction

Justin from Grin Technologies came down for Maker Faire back in May and shot a video for their YouTube channel. I think it turned out to be a better introduction for this project than anything I’ve produced. If this is your first visit here, I recommend starting with this video. Enjoy.

Maker Faire 2018

Welcome Maker Faire visitors. I threw this site together a few days before the show so there’s no content yet. What would you like to see here? More photos? Videos? FAQs? Let me know in the comments or use the contact link. Here’s my maker page with some basics.

Instagram: @solarEbike, #solarEbike
Twitter: @solarEbike