Days 121-126: Vancouver

At the Canadian border, I roll past a long line of cars to a bike rack near the building entrance. While I’m still fishing out my documents, two border agents come out and start asking about the bike. This is clearly a welcome change from their usual routine. Did you build it yourself? How far can you travel each day? Are you camping? Do you have a blog? These are not the typical questions I get asked when entering Canada as a US citizen. Usually, it’s, “What is the purpose of your visit? Are you carrying any firearms?”

They do have one standard questions for me, “Do you have any pepper spray?”

Just this big-ass can of extra-strength bear repellent.

That’s fine… but no small, personal mace?

No, sir.

Passport check: two minutes. Solar ebike questions: 20 minutes.

When Justin suggests a day on the boat, I didn’t imagine this is what he has in mind.

I get a little peek into the world of “aquastruction” and manage to only drop one power tool in the salt water. Fortunately, it isn’t plugged in. A quick rinse with fresh water in and it is as good as new.

I spend a few days at Grin Technologies in Vancouver checking off a bunch of items on my to do list: install new rear shock, mount brighter taillights, fix a cracked 3D printed fender, etc. Robert is kind enough to inspect all three of my wheels for signs of trouble before I head out into the wilderness of the north.

Keith assembling a Grin hub motor.

I reconnect with Grin staff I met on my last visit and meet a few new faces.

“Hey, is that a Feniex light? “

“Yeah, how did you know?“

“I used to install them on cop cars.“

Yup. That checks out.

Justin and Aaron come up with a way to combine three different series of YouTube videos into one day of solar electric sailing, electric skateboarding, and solar biking.

2 Replies to “Days 121-126: Vancouver”

  1. How nany I.LiPos that you use to equal 52 v?? I got the gri all axle kit.
    New Strett machine. Workin out the bugs.
    I am different. From you. I have needed to fide sll my life. Not wanted to every day. People drive. I suck there exhaust every day. I road my Bacchetta. 18 years . With a hip replacemnent for 12.
    If you under charge your solae with a preset 48 v solar controler.. wouldn,t that solve the oner charge issue?? Or a lesser charge than you need to give room for regen??


    1. I run Grin’s 36V LiGo+ batteries. Lithium-ion, Samsung 30Q cells. I have no experience with LiPos on an ebike but my understanding is that battery chemistry is not suitable for ebike use.

      You can get an adjustable voltage boost solar charge controller and set it to any voltage you prefer.


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