5 Replies to “New video: Pitstop at Grin Tech”

  1. Hi Mark, I have been follow you build/journey with much interest. Thank you so much for sharing. I just wanted to offer, if your interested a place to stay an recharge in Western Australia. I just heard your planning to visit Australia next via your video. Although we are not on the major arterial route across Australia we are located about 90km from the very popular Margret River an magnificent Karri forest of Pemberton (not very good for a solar bike but beautiful none the less), an live in the south west western Australia. A beautiful part of WA. I am also a reasonable keen solar enthusiast, having converted our UTV to solar for our organic farm. An being grid interactive since 2002. Although nothing in comparison to the hrs an devotion of your adventure/machine. Anyway if you want an overnighter with top up of rain water in our make shift cabin more than welcome. Good luck with the trip, irrespective if you stay or not I will be following you adventure with much enthusiasm. Kind regard’s Josh.


    1. Hello, Josh. Thank you for your kind invitation. My plans for Australia are still kind of vague. I will probably fly into Sydney and head west along a southern route. I will keep Pemberton in mind as I figure out the details.


      1. Hi Mark me again. Understand totally, enjoy Vancouver. I loved that part of the world too. Feel free to ask question about Australia in your planning’s if I can be of any assistance. Josh


  2. Debbie and I watched your Grin boat ride with Justin on the ‘big screen’, and everything just looked so clean and fresh — we both thought of moving to BC! Here’s hoping you have no more “Washington sunshine” for the rest of your trip, and that all future side-winds come from 180 degrees.


    1. Vancouver has a lot going for it when it’s not raining. I’ve been fortunate with a string of sunny days as I head up north. The first three days of riding out of Vancouver have been some of the most scenic of the entire trip so far.


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