Day 20: It’s Always Coldest Right Before Dawn

Today, that temperature is 38°F (3°C). It’s the coldest morning of this trip. My past self anticipated this and packed electric boot warmers. Thank you, past self.

I ride on frontage roads paralleling Interstate 15 for most of the day. There is almost no traffic, which is a nice change of pace.

Mid-afternoon, I pick up an Amazon package at a GNC store in Great Falls. I ordered a replacement gimbal cable for the drone. I’ll need a place to work so I check into a motel. The operation takes longer than anticipated but the patient makes a full recovery.

For dinner, I choose a local “Mexican” place. It appears to be the only non-chain option within walking distance. Huge mistake. I eat what I sincerely hope will be the worst burrito of the trip. I’m pretty sure everything on that plate came out of a #10 can.

Great Falls is a much bigger city than I anticipated. I miss sleeping in the woods with the bears.