Day 15: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Last night, I drank a beer in a city park where I pitched my tent and this morning I’m going across the street to use the bathroom at a gas station. Truly embracing the solar hobo lifestyle.

Random motorist, “We saw another bike like yours a few days ago.”
“Really? Where was it?”
“It couldn’t have been you. It was really far away.”
“I don’t think there are very many bikes like this around here.”
“It was in Idaho, about three days ago.”
“I’m pretty sure that was me.”

I temporally changed my Insta username as a joke and now Mark Zuckerberg’s minions won’t let me change it back. I’m just going to lean into it. The California DMV should have no problem with putting “DJ Phresh Bearskat“ on my driver’s license, right?

This shows the difference between a horizontal panel and a tilted panel at solar noon in Montana in September. The sun is only 40° above the horizon at this time of year here so the tilt makes a big difference.

I made it to Whitefish, Montana tonight. Huge thanks to David and Joan for hosting me for the night and giving me a chance to get cleaned up. The Grin extended family came through once again for the solar traveler!

Tomorrow, it’s off to Glacier National Park!