Day 8: Republic, WA

I wake up in Wauconda to cloudy skies, 1% battery and not enough stove fuel to make coffee. The next town with services is 16 miles and 1000’ climbing away. Also, it looks like it may rain. Also, there’s no internet.

I don’t much care for these rumble strips in the middle of the road on route 20. I’m sure they save sleepy and distracted drivers from drifting into the oncoming lane but one out of seven cars passing me comes too close because they don’t want to drive over it. I counted.

I make it to Republic, Washington just as it is beginning to rain. I decide it is time for a hot meal, shower, laundry and errands so I check into the last remaining room at the local inn.

Next up is Sherman Pass with 4000’ (1200 m) of climbing. Weather outlook is mostly rainy so I’m not looking forward to that climb. Next sunny day is two days away and I can’t wait that long.

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