Days 27 & 28: The Food of my People

In Bismarck, I take my first full rest day since Vancouver: get cleaned up, compile trip data, back up to the cloud, etc. Trip total so far: 1647 miles (2651 km). Averaging 1.2 kWh generated from solar power (and consumed) per day.

At the breakfast bar in the motel, I get tips on traveling in Kyrgyzstan from an ethnically Russian woman who was born there. She assures me that my failure to learn Russian should not be a problem as most younger people have some grasp of English.

It turns out she’s moving from Palm Springs, California to Bismarck, North Dakota and buying an acre of land. When I ask how she deals with telling the locals that she’s from California, she explains, “I tell them I’m a Republican.“

The Food of my People, Part 1: While foraging for burritos at a place that turns out to be Taco Bell under a different name, I spot a donut shop called Bearscat Bakehouse across the street. Inside, I introduce myself as the world-famous DJ Phresh Bearskat and am accepted as a member of the clan.

The landscape and roads turn decidedly more rural. I discover that I brought a macro lens so expect more pictures of creepy crawlies going forward.

The Napoleon City Park Campground has the first mosquitos that I’ve encountered on this trip. I guess this is going to be a thing going forward.

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