Days 34-35: Babe the Blue Steer?

It looks like the guy who took a hammer to Michelangelo’s Pietà has been to Bemidji.

I spend another day in the tent waiting out the rain and gusty winds.

The next morning, I ride out to the Headwaters of the Mississippi. There is a marker and you are invited to “wade across the Mississippi” but given the chilly temperatures, I decline.

Just to be super-meta, I take a screenshot of myself appearing on the live webcam at the headwaters.

Then, it’s on to Bemidji. It’s heavily overcast so I’m getting almost nothing from the solar panels and use up what I have left in the battery. I reach out to my first Warmshowers host of the trip and I’m grateful to receive an invitation. Tomorrow morning, I have an interview with BBC radio in Northhamptonshire, England!

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