Day 37: Paul Bunyan is my Spirit Guide

It’s sunny again and looking to stay that way for the next three days. I definitely like cold and sunny better than cold and rainy.

I get to talking with another recumbent rider on the bike trail and he comes around to asking me where I’ve been sleeping at night. It turns out he is a Warmshowers host and offers me an invitation. Unfortunately, I have to decline because I’ve already made a camping reservation further down the road.

On the way to the campground, a Prius passes me going suspiciously slowly and pulls over on the shoulder ahead of me. Not knowing what to make of the situation, I stop a ways back, a bit annoyed that I will now have to go around him. The man jumps out and starts running towards me holding something in each hand. As he gets closer, I see that he’s holding two cans of Coca-Cola and offers them to me.

Restrooms on the Paul Bunyan Trail.

2 Replies to “Day 37: Paul Bunyan is my Spirit Guide”

  1. Enjoy reading your “tales of the open road” when they arrive. Too bad your not pedaling thru St. Louis… I would like to see you and your solar cycle in person. You may already be past this point in your journey already…
    Keep on with the cycling and putting the pressure to the pedal!


    1. Thank you. Yes, it looks like I’m going to follow the ACA “Great Rivers South” route to bridge to the ACA “Bicycle Route 66” route so I’ll be swinging west around St. Louis. Big cities can be a challenge for bike touring. Currently in St. Paul for an extended pit-stop, resuming riding on Saturday.


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