Day 1: The Vancouver-to-Tijuana-via-Chicago Shakedown Cruise 2021

The following entries are re-posts from Instagram. If you already follow me there then these will all be reruns for you. I’m finding that at least half the people I meet along the way are not on Instagram so this blog is a way to follow my journey without a big social media company getting in the way of the experience.

I set off at noon. The Sea to Sky Highway between Squamish and Horseshoe Bay has loud, heavy traffic requiring my full attention. The spectacular views of Beautiful British Columbia go mostly unappreciated.

Surface streets take me to Grin Technologies headquarters in Vancouver. My bike is practically a rolling show-room for Grin: regenerative braking–capable All Axle hub motor, airline-friendly LiGo+ batteries, buttery-smooth Phaserunner motor controller, and the brains to tie it all together – a Cycle Analyst running solar firmware.

My arrival “coincides” with Friday afternoon beer o’clock. Grin’s neighbors are having a barbecue and we are all invited. As a pescatarian, the word “barbecue” does not trigger an enthusiastic response. It turns out that DWAY are a Japanese fish and sake wholesaler for the Vancouver area and “barbecue” is an affair mostly involving grilled fish and expertly prepared sushi and sashimi. My kind of barbecue!

This is my proposed route. I’m mostly following the ACA Northern Tier to Chicagoland, then the ACA Bike Route 66 to Southern California. This is the shakedown cruise I originally planned for 2018 to test the bike, gear and rider before setting out on a world tour.

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