Day 5: Rain, Rain, Go Away

My hardest day so far. I got a late start trying to sort out an issue with my batteries and stopped early due to rain. In between, punishing 7° climbs with narrow road shoulders and very little electric assist with only 216 solar Wh today. I actually had to get off and push for a while.

The light drizzle (local maintenance crews called it a “dry rain”) turned into regular rain. I put on my wet weather gear and walked around taking pictures. My Washington state experience wouldn’t have been complete without some precipitation.

I have a lovely campsite by Diablo Lake. Free, as of a couple of days ago due to the late season. Thank you, National Park Service.

Black bears have been spotted in the campground this summer, though not recently. Guess what the “Danger Keep Away” trailer is for? Hint: it rhymes with “care.”

Get a polished stainless steel mirror, they said. It won’t break when the bike falls over, they said. Well, it didn’t break but the reflection is a bit Dali-esque.

The next campground is on the other side of a peak with 5500’ (1700 m) of climbing. There’s no internet here but the word in the camp is that there might be some sun tomorrow. I’m going to need it.

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