Day 6: Miles and Smiles

Got an early start today and was rewarded with beautiful views and lots of sunny-sun-sun. My new obsession with basking in the sun feels reptilian.

Climbed 3300’ (1000 m) by lunchtime. Made it over a very chilly 5500’ (1700 m) pass before dropping back down the longest continuous descent I’ve ever done on this bike.

Planning the daily energy budget has been a challenge through these mountains. It’s more about Wh per 1000’ of ascent than Wh/mile. I over-compensated after yesterday’s toils and reached the peak with around 70% battery charge remaining. That’s not great because I couldn’t take full advantage of regenerative braking on the long descent and the friction brakes got pretty hot.

There are honest to goodness tumbleweeds blowing around the campground. I’ve seen them before but they seem like a cliché when you first come upon them. I tried not to whistle the theme from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly but I failed.

There are some very tame deer here. I suspect people feed them.

I’m not sure where tomorrow is going to take me, but I’ll be starting with a nearly full battery for the first time on this trip. I think it’s going to be a clear day so I should be able to make more miles and smiles. The bike and trailer have performed flawlessly. I’m ending each day pleasantly tired but ready for more the next day.

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