Day 20: It’s Always Coldest Right Before Dawn

Today, that temperature is 38°F (3°C). It’s the coldest morning of this trip. My past self anticipated this and packed electric boot warmers. Thank you, past self.

I ride on frontage roads paralleling Interstate 15 for most of the day. There is almost no traffic, which is a nice change of pace.

Mid-afternoon, I pick up an Amazon package at a GNC store in Great Falls. I ordered a replacement gimbal cable for the drone. I’ll need a place to work so I check into a motel. The operation takes longer than anticipated but the patient makes a full recovery.

For dinner, I choose a local “Mexican” place. It appears to be the only non-chain option within walking distance. Huge mistake. I eat what I sincerely hope will be the worst burrito of the trip. I’m pretty sure everything on that plate came out of a #10 can.

Great Falls is a much bigger city than I anticipated. I miss sleeping in the woods with the bears.

2 Replies to “Day 20: It’s Always Coldest Right Before Dawn”

    1. Hi Bill. I don’t think I’ve discussed it anywhere. If you look through the pictures on the website (the email notifications leave out the best photos), you’ll see two black 35L Ortlieb recumbent panniers mounted below and behind the seat. I also have a matching Ortlieb recumbent backpack mounted directly behind my head. I deliberately did not design the trailer for cargo to keep it light weight and to reduce the temptation to bring too much stuff. However, I can strap things to it as needed such as extra water on long dry stretches. The black plastic barrel you see strapped to the trailer in some photos is a bear proof food canister. This is all working out just fine so far except I don’t really love the panniers because it takes too long to get things in and out of them.


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