Days 39-44: Saint Paul

I stop to fix my third flat tire of the trip. This time it’s a slow leak caused by a thin wire in the front tire. Not bad for 2300 miles (3700 km). I have another 3000 miles (4800 km) ahead of me so I’m nearing the midpoint of my tour.

I’m heading to St. Paul, Minnesota for an extended pitstop — get some R&R and fix a growing list of minor repairs at the home of a fellow EV enthusiast.

The invitation promised “all the craft beer you can drink” and sure enough, the refrigerator is stocked with as much beer as food.

On Saturday morning, my hosts’ riding group comes out to see me off and some of them ride the first 30 miles with me to Stillwater. Early morning temps dip down to 31°F (-1°C) but this crew is accustomed to riding through Minnesota winters and no one thinks to complain.

Thank you HJ and Debbie for the warm welcome!

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